My purpose here is to present authentic, rich, genuine writing of others and of my own. I will present, as the subtitle of the blog hints, the writings, scholarship, and disciplinary advancements of women–women who have fought courageously to let their voice be heard. These fighters advanced their fields in the face of opposition, whether resistance came from the criticism of peers, or  from gender bias writ large…usually both.  I can only aspire to be counted among such warriors, but I hope  my writing will show a certain spunkiness revealing a promise of battles to come!

I am a Master’s graduate of Colorado State University, a proud alum of the English Literature degree program. Initially this blog was an assignment for class, the purpose-to get us into social media as a method of discourse. I enjoy this medium so much this weblog continues to be a showcase for innovative and intuitive voices in the canon, writ large and small.

In the process of this thrilling outreach I hope my voice is heard, sometimes raw, often compassionate, but always mine. To write with passion, no matter the discipline, to speak with authenticity about something one believes in, is soul-centering. To voice something one believes the world must know is the only way to truly be heard. And now, I give you my Rhetoricas Heroica. Thank you for listening.


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate your input.

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